GHOST Bond XL Liquid Adhesive

GHOST Bond XL Liquid Adhesive

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Ghost Bond XL is a water-based adhesive that protects your bond from hot weather, oily scalp, heat, humidity and hot weather. Designed to protect against excessive moisture and withstand high temperatures to give you a long, strong hold even in the toughest weather conditions. Ghost Bond XL provides invisible Bonding for Poly & Lace Systems.


  • Water resistant 
  • Waster based adhesive 
  • Bacteria resistant 
  • No hard solvents 
  • No latex

How to use: 

    Do Not Apply Ghost Bond XL Directly To Lace Base. Always run a patch test before full application.

    1. If bonding a skin/polyurethane unit, apply one thin coat on the base. This should always be completed before you start applying Ghost Bond XL to the scalp.
    2. Apply 4 thin coats of Ghost Bond XL to the client’s scalp, keeping the same quantity of adhesive with each coat. Allow roughly 20 seconds in between coats for each coat to dry.
    3. Once the 4th coat is applied, wait 4-5 minutes for Ghost Bond XL to completely cure.
    4. The recommended cleaner to remove Ghost Bond XL from the scalp is UltraSafe all natural adhesive remover. To remove Ghost Bond XL from the hair unit, please use Ghost Buster .