The Top 6 Humectant Based Conditioners to Hydrate Dry Natural Hair

Are your curls feeling dry, frazzled and lifeless? Chances are you haven’t been prioritizing moisture when choosing hair products. Unlike straight hair where natural oils can easily run down the hair shaft, curl patterns make it harder for oils to be distributed but a hydrating hair routine can help.


Whether you have tight ringlets or kinks, investing in good conditioners will keep your natural hair well quenched and you can never have too many! But where to start? Well, conditioners come in many forms including the type you use after shampooing or deep conditioners that offer a more restorative formula which is particularly good for curls that are dry due to damage, the environment, or just every day conditions. Either way, our selection of conditioners will keep your locks looking and feeling hydrated.

Here are 6 of the top humectant based conditioners for dry hair that you need to try!

What are the top signs of dry curly hair?

When you’re suffering from dehydrated curls it will change the way your hair looks and feels. Some top signs include:


  • Your hair feels rough and coarse.
  • It tangles easily and styles only last a few days before getting frizzy.
  • It looks dull and dry.
  • Your curls fall flat and aren’t as defined as usual.
  • You have a flaky or itchy scalp.


The above symptoms can be down to a number of things such as over washing your hair or using products that are extremely drying, but all of these can be improved by getting moisture back into your hair with the right products such as conditioners.


Which conditioners are best for dry curly hair?

Curly hair is prone to dryness, which can affect curl definition, cause frizz and breakage, and impact the outcome of your styles. That's why selecting the best curly frizzy hair conditioner is crucial! Conditioners for curly, wavy, and coily hair should have ingredients that hydrate your hair from the follicle to the tip while also nourishing it with healthy components like natural oils, butters, and plant extracts.

Give one of these 6 conditioners a go for improving your hair’s moisture.

1.    Mielle Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner

If you’re looking to restore your curls on a deeper level then this one is a great option for you.

Derived from an Amazonian palm fruit and babassu oil, these ingredients contain high concentrations of sterols and tocopherols to moisturize and improve your hair and scalp. Additionally, the fatty acids and natural oils within this formula do a great job of moisturizing hair from the inside out.


This deep conditioner is suitable for all curl types. With regular use, you can reduce frizz and flyaways that are caused by excessive dryness as well as give your curls a much-needed protein boost. Plus, mint removes dandruff and generally maintains a healthy scalp!

2.    Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Conditioner


Manuka honey and yogurt are the perfect combo for intense moisture. This rinse out conditioner fixes dry hair cuticles and repairs extremely dry hair with symptoms of breakage, frizz or split ends. Manuka honey is particularly well suited to those with dry hair as it is a natural humectant that attracts and retains moisture.


After shampooing, apply the conditioner to the roots and ends of your hair to bring vitality to dull curls. The natural ingredients including additional oils will make your hair feel soft, smooth and hydrated so when it’s in a great condition to soak in your styling products for beautiful curls.

3.    Design Essentials Natural Almond and Avocado Moisturizing and Detangle Conditioner


Has your dry hair made it difficult to detangle your curls? Dry hair is more prone to knots and tangles so getting more moisture into your locks is essential. This conditioner contains two main ingredients that create a lightweight formula that instantly replenishes moisture so your comb can glide right through.


Avocado oil coats the hair follicles with vitamins and minerals to improve flakiness and strengthen the hair whereas almond oil absorbs easily into the hair so it will feel moisturized quicker. It’s the ideal conditioner if you’re looking for something that makes your curls easier to manage and combats dryness.

4.    Camille Rose Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment Conditioner

Full of concentrated ingredients, this conditioning treatment contains coconut water and organic aloe juices that rebalance the moisture level of dehydrated hair. Alongside this, the mix of argon fruit, coconut butter and marshmallow root do a great job at penetrating the hair deeply so it feels truly nourished from the inside out.


It guarantees maximum hydration as its restorative properties provide moisture and seal it in - that’s because of the emollients within the formula. Not to mention, it smells divine! If you’re looking for a deep condition to provide an added kick of moisture alongside your regular conditioner, this one's for you!


5.    Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner


As far as premium deep conditioners go, this product is a perfect choice. The humectant-based

Formula attracts water to the hair so hair strands don’t dry out as easily. Honey is also a humectant and as a prime ingredient, your curls will benefit from hydration replenishment and retention.


It also contains a range of different natural oils that will revitalize weak, dry and damaged curls. You can use this deep conditioner after shampooing or as a pre-shampoo treatment, either way, the product is packed full of beneficial ingredients that your dry curly hair is crying out for!


6.    Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

Despite the fact that cocoa and mango butter are the two major components, this deep conditioner contains over 65 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, ensuring that your curls receive the best care possible. Blue and green algae blends also give intensive deep conditioning by regulating oil production, allowing dry and damaged curls to be progressively repaired.


Additionally, the growth-stimulating biotin will aid in the growth of your natural hair as it becomes moisturized. The Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner is luxuriously creamy and nourishing, leaving hair bursting with nourishment for a healthier-looking finish.


Take a look at our range of hair conditioners today and find the right one for your hair’s needs!

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